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ST 0.16um BCD8s-SOI technology platform is available through CMP

IC 0.16µm BCD8s-SOI ST 0.16µm BCD8s-SOI Technology Platform is dedicated to smart power mixed (...) Read more
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CMP web site is now available at the URL:

2017-06-02 Generic E-mail addresses As a result of further correspondence with any of CMP (...) Read more
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CMP Annual Report 2016

2017-01-20 CMP Annual report is online. Read more

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2017-10-16 Upcoming Runs
2017-10-19 S65C17_3
2017-10-27 S55S17_3
2017-10-30 A35V17_4
2017-10-30 S28I17_4
2017-11-02 S13V17_1
2017-11-13 A35C17_6
2017-11-13 A35O17_6
2017-11-13 A35B17_6
2017-11-20 A18C17_4
2017-11-20 A18V17_4