Annual report

JPEG - 11.2 kbDear CMP MPW service users, it is our pleasure to send you our 2015 activity report where you will see that CMP has carried out a great year of activities and moved forward toward new and complementary MPW offers. In addition, we are about to complete our communication mutation with the introduction, early 2016, of our new web site. 2015 was again characterized by strong human resources movements.

First of all, we had a wonderful activity on 28nm FDSOI with over 60 contributions spread on 3 MPWs. Projects came from all around the world showing the great R&D attractiveness of the community for this technology offered through our partner STMicroelectronics. Our fructuous partnership with ams must also be underlined with a significant activity and many low volume productions. As you will be able to see with our statistics, after a contraction of our activity in 2014, 2015 was back on track with significant participations on most of our MPW processes.

Some new technology developments were initiated this year, we introduced BCD8 Smart Power and BiCMOS55nm RF advanced technology from STMicroelectronics as well as HV / CMOS 0.18µm technology from ams. Also we introduced MPW in advanced packaging at wafer level, coupling the CEA-LETI Open 3D post-processes on several of our technology portfolio. For these new services, we received positive echoes from our community and we are expecting ramp up this year.

In 2015 was also engaged an internal work in order to move forward on our communication tools. Especially we worked on our web site to fit our needs and to answer our user community requests. It is our pleasure to announce its very close release, early 2016. We also developed several tools and CMP process steps, for example to deliver the DRM in numerical format, and to normalize our expedition packages.

As you may have interact with them, we also had several new employees at CMP this last year. We hired Olivier Guiller, Lyubomir Kerachev and Laurent Gachon respectively, ST / advanced packaging MPW manager, ams / Advanced packaging MPW manager and Computer network assistant Engineer to compensate Julien Hanier and Jean Denis Bovas departures. It is also our pleasure to announce that Christelle Rabache, who interacts with most of you for the PDK / DRM support at CMP, gained a full time CNRS position at CMP to carry on her missions.
Our run schedule for 2016 is full of nice and attractive MPW opportunities for research and development prototyping. It is now time for me to wish that CMP will fulfill your needs.

Jean Christophe Crébier, Director