Annual report

JPEG - 11.2 kbDear CMP users, the 2016 edition of our annual report is in your hands to illustrate our past activities and introduce our coming year services. Similarly to last year, you will find in our report a general overview of CMP 2016 activity. You will also read more about several projects initiated and carried out by CMP team to develop new or complementary services and to improve the existing ones. The last parts of the report are dedicated to latest up to date CMP services coming with the gallery of circuits gathered from CMP users filling to communicate on their projects through our communication displays.

In the activity report section, you will see that this year, about 25% of prototypes were produced on advanced SOI technologies, confirming the interest of the community for our 28nm FDSOI technology. Meanwhile, it is important to mention that this percentage could have been even higher if we did not face turnaround cycle time difficulties, specifically on that technology node. This is for me the opportunity to present, once more our sincere apologies from CMP as well as our partners, with respect to the delays in delivering prototypes in this technology. In the meantime, our services on ams technologies were delighted to manage significant amounts of projects, back to the great years 2010-2012, in terms of prototyping but also low volume productions for R&D purposes. Meanwhile, this year, we encountered a slight reduction in volume activity, mainly due to MPW cancellation or significant delays.

Several new offers made available during 2016, and continued in 2017, are presented in the report. Especially, we are very happy to collaborate with CEA LETI and IRT Nanoelec toward a full service on silicon photonics compatible with most EDA tools and specialized photonics design tools, including packaging services with recognized subcontractors. Also, during this year, several specialized processes have been added to our service portfolio in partnership with ams. Cost effective and interesting optical or packaging oriented options and post-processes are now open through CMP on ams processes thanks to a long-term and very proactive relationship between ams and CMP. And more is coming in 2017.

I also want to point out, in this CMP annual report Edito, the opportunity taken by CMP to ramp up its advanced packaging services, with more internal development and qualification efforts, toward cost attractive and technically accessible and reliable offers. CMP is gaining in technical expertise to support at best your requests and help you in your search for solutions. CMP also increased its representation activities with reinforced presence on conferences and exhibitions. With all these internal developments, we are targeting a higher satisfaction from our user community, which is the complementary need to our great technology offers.
2016 was also the opportunity for CMP to open up its news web site, for a refreshed presentation of our activities and services, with a nicer, more reliable interface, compatible with almost any display. As it was the case in the previous web site, you can find a lot of technical information/data on our technologies’ portfolio, you have access to all necessary web pages to place a request or an order. The main effort has been placed on the web site architecture and the accessibility of the information you are looking for. Take a look to the project gallery and find out how we are promoting your work, publications and activities through our web site. Take this opportunity to outline and promote your design and research activities

In conclusion, I hope you will enjoy reading this CMP annual report and that you will find interesting data for your activities. For 2017, let me wish that our relationship will bring us mutual satisfaction, and great projects and developments through CMP services.

Jean-Christophe Crébier, Director