Annual user meetings

Users’ meeting is open to every person from academia or industry, using or interested in the CMP services.
The meeting of 2016 was held on 4 February 2016 at IPGP, Paris, Paris. The meeting was focused on the participation of our partners, (Agenda) especially with the following presentations:


Slides presented (PDF):

- 01 Introduction
- 02 CMP statistics and evolution for 2015
- 03 STMicroelectronics MPW services
- 04 B55 Technology Overview
- 05 ams MPW services
- 06 New platform for Photonic integrated circuit of CEA LETI’ MPW activity
- 07 3D technologies wafer service
- 08 Development of Flip Chip assembly services
- 09 MEMS MPW services
- 10 28nm FD-SOI RTL to GDS design flow tutorial.