CMP and Teem Photonics Partnership on Glass Photonics Processes


Grenoble, and Meylan, France – January 28, 2020. Circuits Multi-Projets® (CMP) and TEEM Photonics have announced today that TEEM Photonics processes will now be made available for prototyping and low volume production through CMP.

The new agreement lets CMP offer to Universities, research labs, and industrial companies the access to design and manufacturing of photonics circuits on glass substrates. In addition, the offer comes with a wide range of coupling and packaging solutions that may be used for assembly of silicon-photonics chips and optical fiber. Devices like glass adapters (WAFT Waveguide Array for Fiber Transposer), can be available as a standard product or can be designed as a custom device.

Customers who need to design and integrate different components and functions on a glass substrate will have access to PDK (Process Design-kit) which includes a library of characterized and qualified components. The PDK also allows to design custom components with or without the standard components. The integration of the components in a single design gives the possibility to elaborate high-performance photonics chips for both the visible and infrared domains.

The agreement lets CMP distribute TEEM Photonics technologies as a foundry service center. Customers can reach out CMP to have access to PDKs (Process Design-kits) for designing their circuits, and send their tape-outs to CMP for manufacturing at TEEM Photonics.
Applications addressed by the offer cover datacom & telecom, sensing and many other industrial and scientific R&D activities.

"The CMP - TEEM Photonics partnership provides users with unique solutions on photonics integrated circuits on glass. This is a differentiated foundry offer which complements the photonics services offered by CMP. It opens new opportunities for young engineers in Universities, and new business for small industry", says Kholdoun Torki, Director at CMP.

"The availability of ioNext technology through CMP services will ease its access to the scientific and engineering community. Glass integrated photonics is the technology of choice to get both very low propagation loss and compact integrated design for robust and temperature stable photonics circuit in visible and near infrared spectrum", says Arnaud Rigny, Head of ioNext business line at TEEM Photonics.

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About TEEM Photonics

Founded at the end of 1998, the company entered the telecom market and was the first to commercially introduce Erbium Doped Waveguide Amplifiers, later complemented it by a range of wide band high performance splitter for FTTH applications deployed in the US, Japan and Europe. Its specific ion-exchange process enables high confinement and variable confinement optical waveguides. These can be tailored into standard and advanced integrated optics products such as the innovative WAFT series solutions for Silicon Photonics Interfacing. The ioNext technology also allow functions such as splitters, couplers, Taps, Mux/Demux, polarizers and custom devices.
In 2005 the company acquired the microchip laser line from JDS Uniphase (now Lumentum) and successfully redeveloped to achieve outstanding performance and reliability. For further information, please visit us at

About CMP

CMP, Circuits Multi-Projets®, is a service organization in ICs, Si photonics, Smart Power and MEMS for prototyping and low volume production. CMP enables prototypes fabrication on industrial processes at very attractive costs and offers great technical expertise in providing MPW and related services for Universities, Research Laboratories and Industrial companies’ prototyping. Chips are normally untested and delivered packaged or not. Advanced industrial technologies are made available in CMOS, SiGe BiCMOS, HV-CMOS, SOI, BCD, Si-Photonics, MEMS, 3D-IC, NVM, etc. Since 1981, 645 Institutions from 71 countries have been served, more than 8,300 projects have been prototyped through 1,140 runs, and 74 different technologies have been interfaced. For more information, visit

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