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Technology characteristics

Mid Infrared PHotonics devices FABrication for chemical sensing and spectroscopic applications

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MIRPHAB is a Pilot Line for prototyping and production of Mid-IR Chemical sensing devices able to operate in both gas and liquid mediums, a single-access point to the best technology provided by a consortium of leading companies in the field of photonics. MIRPHAB offers services from market analysis, design, fabrication to final packaging of prototypes. MIRPHAB’s main objective is to transform your ideas into products to quickly introduce them into the market.

The Mid-InfraRed (MIR) light has a strong interaction with molecular vibrations. In MIR, each molecule presents a unique adsorption spectrum providing a simple solution for sensing.
Based on a massive use of IC/MEMS technologies, the pilot line will enable a variety of new key functionalities for the next generation of chemical sensing and spectroscopy, allowing low-cost, power consumption and size reduction. Where required, the development of novel process modules will exploit the capability of a mixed Si/III-V technology bringing new capabilities to sensors, opening the way to a number of applications not addressed with the technologies and components available today.

MIRPHAB consortium

The spectrometer system offered by MIRPHAB will consist of: LASERs, Photonic integrated circuits/Microoptics, MIR Detectors and Packaging.
Interband Cascade Lasers (ICLs), Quantum Cascade Lasers (QCLs) are the MIR emitters available working by Fabry-Perot, Distributed Feedback Bragg (DFB) or External Cavity (EC) technology. Regarding passive components, three integrated photonic platforms will be available: a silicon-on-insulator (SOI) waveguide platform, a SiGe/Si platform and a Ge/SiGe platform. MIR detectors available are type-II InAs/GaSb superlattice (T2SL), InAsSb and Quantum Cascade Detectors (QCD). Finally, according to the specifications provided accompanied by the users, these components will be chained together either by hybrid or monolithic assembly to realize Systems In Package (SIP) or Systems On Chip (SOC) devices.
For more information on technical characteristic of each available module:www.mirphab.eu


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Mid-IR sensors and applications